Porthminster Garden

Over the past couple of years the café at Porthminster has been cultivating and developing it own vegetable, herb and salad garden on waste ground opposite the café. This garden has been transformed with stunning results almost single handily by Jim and Julie Horn who’s son was one of the original apprentices in the kitchen and is at present travelling the southern hemisphere. Their tireless work and dedication has been a miraculous achievement and we will always owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Produce from the garden appears on our menus on a daily basis and it has also helped to further enhance the visual beauty of the area.

A New Project

Porthminster Gardens is a new project initiated by Councillor Chris Cocklin with the support of various bodies and agencies including Penwith District Council.

The aim is to create a free entry sub-tropical garden in the micro-climate existing at Porthminster Beach and building upon the reputation of the area as a centre for environmental cultural excellence. This would contribute a major added facility for residents and visitors both of St Ives and the wider area.

This area is a naturally stunning location fronted by a wide safe white sand beach backed by lush green gardens with cliffs beyond. It probably has the mildest micro-climate in West Cornwall, sheltered from prevailing winds and at sea level. This area could support the widest range of planting in mainland UK. A sustainable environmental project complimenting the already high quality and unequalled range of facilities located in this historic maritime town.