Taking a G&T by the beach to the next level…

We’ve recently released a small batch of our very own gin, crafted with botanicals from the Cornish coast. And, just in case you’re stuck for somewhere stunning to drink it, we’ve launched an alfresco bar too!

Earlier this year, Executive Chef Mick got talking to Steve Dustow from Colwith Distillery (makers of multi-award winning Aval Dor Vodka). It wasn’t long before the conversation turning to gin, and the two came up with a cunning plan to create a spirit which would encapsulate Porthminster’s unique location.

“Clearly there are a lot of great gins out there,” said Mick, “but meeting Steve gave us the opportunity to make a really high quality spirit that is infused with ingredients sourced right on our doorstep. It was a chance we couldn’t pass up!”

Mick and Steve explored the kitchen garden together, and also walked the chefs’ regular foraging route to Porthminster Point. They selected various wild finds, including Pepper Dulse, Rock Samphire, Alexander and Sea Buckthorn. These were added to a pure Cornish spirit made from potatoes – not from an imported grain spirit or Russian vodka, no cutting corners here!

Taking a G&T by the beach to the next level…

Up at Colwith Distillery near Fowey, Mick and Steve tried putting a small batch through the still and, after a few adjustments, believe they have created a unique Porthminster take on a London dry gin. “It has a distinctive coastal edge which works so well in our G&Ts. We love serving it with lime, samphire and purple violets.” said Mick. “The bar team are enjoying experimenting with Porthminster Gin in various cocktails, and in the kitchen we’re using it in some of our desserts.”

The release of Porthminster Gin coincides with the launch of a new Garden Bar here at the beach. Set just back from the restaurant, with incredible views over the bay, the new bar will specialise in G&Ts and cocktails and promises many a memorable sun-downer during the summer ahead.